GS Score Gist of Economic Survey 2019 2020

GS Score Economic Survey 2019-2020 for UPSC Civil Service Prelims and Mains Examination 2020.

GS Score Economic Survey 2019-2020
GS Score Economic Survey 2019-2020

GS Score Economic Survey 2019-2020: Download Gist of Economic Survey 2019-2020 pdf by GS Score for UPSC Civil Services Prelims and Mains Examination.

GS Score endeavored to provide a synopsis of Economic Survey 2019-2020. This is part 1 of this pdf, We’ll update GS Score Gist of Economic Survey Part 2 here soon.

  1. Wealth Creation: The Invisible Hand Supported by the Hand of Trust,
  2. Entrepreneurship and Wealth Creation at the Grassroots,
  3. Pro-Business versus Pro-Crony,
  4. Undermining Markets: When Government Intervention Hurts More Than It Helps,
  5. Creating Jobs and Growth by Specializing to Exports in Network Products,
  6. Targeting Ease of Doing Business in India,
  7. Golden Jubilee Of Bank Nationalisation: Taking Stock,
  8. Financial Fragility In The NBFC Sector,
  9. Privatization and Wealth Creation,
  10. Is India’s GDP Growth Rate Overstated? No!,
  11. Thalinomics: The Economics Of A Plate Of Food In India.

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