How to prepare for IAS exam after 12th

If you just qualified 12th standard and starting UPSC Civil Service Exam Preparation then this article is for you.

What is the minimum qualification required for UPSC Civil Service Exam?

An aspirant must have a Graduate Degree from any recognized institute. If you’re thinking about the percentage, then you’ve to qualify only in graduation.

So now, you’re thinking to prepare for UPSC IAS Exam after your graduation? No, it’s the time when you qualify 12th exam, to prepare for IAS Exam if your ambition to become an IAS/IPS officer.

How to prepare for UPSC IAS after 12th

Why now? Ask this question to yourself. You’re going to write one of the toughest exams in the country. It’s actually not toughest, it’s an exam with the lengthy syllabus and long process. A candidate who is preparing for UPSC CSE must dedicate about his preparation. If you start preparation just after 12th, it will help you in your graduation as your basic concept will clear/revise about the things.

How to Prepare for UPSC IAS Exam after 12th Standard.

  1. First, you’ve to understand the thing in you that can keep charge you for the exam/responsibility.
  2. Understand Exam Pattern of UPSC IAS.
  3. Understanding Syllabus: most important thing for UPSC Exam is to understand its syllabus line by line for Prelims and Mains exam.
  4. If you’re only dedicated to UPSC, then take your subjects like History, public administration, economics, etc as your main subjects as per your interest.
  5. Use the college library: after graduation, lots of aspirants join a paid library while preparing, now this one is a good opportunity for you to utilize the things.
  6. Read NCERT and Build a strong base: NCERTs are veins of UPSC Exam preparation. These NCERTs will helps you in your graduation as well as in UPSC Exam.
  7. Learn how you can prepare smart notes that you can easily understand.
  8. Read the newspaper every day to keep yourself updated, but you can analyze a newspaper after completing static part of the syllabus, so try to finish that ASAP.
  9. Cover all static portion of UPSC Syllabus in before 1 year of UPSC Exam you’re appearing.
  10. Start reading current affairs approximately 15 months before your UPSC Prelims Exam.

I hope you like this article, If any query related to UPSC Exam, please comment below.

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