Marks Calculator with Negative Marking for UPSC and other Competitive Exams

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In this app, you can calculate your final marks in any exam with negative marking. You can provide value as asked and the final final result. This calculator is designed for calculating marks with 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 upto 1/7 negative marking.

Total Question
Maximum Marks
Total Question Attempt
Number of Wrong Questions
Part of Negative Marking

Your Final Score Will be :

How to Calcule Negative Marking 1/3, 1/4?

You can calculate your total score after negative marking aftermath of following.

  • Maximum marks in the Exam. Eg 100.
  • Total Question attempt by you . Say 92 Question Attempt
  • Total question you answer wrongly. Consisder here 12.
  • Now total right questions will be 92-12=80.
  • Marks of each question. e.g. 2marks/question.
  • Parts of Negative marking say 1/4 then 2×1/4= 0.5 marks will be deduct for each wrong answer.
  • For 80 right questions, your score will be 80×2=160 and for 12 wrong answer your negative score will be 12×0.5=6 marks.
  • Final score out of total 200 will be 160-6=154.

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