What is Pegasus Malicious spyware all you need to know

Pegasus is a spyware tool that can breach and leak someone’s data and transfer it to the provider that is programmed in the spyware.

Pegasus Malicious spyware
Pegasus spyware

Recently in News, because Pegasus enters into the cell phone of many social activists, politicians and other high profile personalities.

Role of WhatsApp: WhatsApp filed a lawsuit against Israel’s NSO group for breaching data of its user as a cyber attack.

What is spyware: are that malicious unauthorised software that leak one’s data without his/her knowledge and transfer that to its(spyware’s) designer.

How does Pegasus spyware work?

In the recent attack on the 20 countries, in which India was included, the spyware spread through WhatsApp mobile application.

  1. Entered using WhatsApp call, either call picked up or not in both condition mobile get infected.
  2. It can access all user data and transfer it to the desired location as per software design.
  3. It can not only access the data but also can operate it like can take photos, video or even recording and that too can be transferred.

What is the response of Israeli tech firm?

According to the firm it sales, it software to govt authorised agencies, Now in India it is the point that which Govt or country trying to breach the data of Indian personalities including ministers, journalists, and social workers. Now govt of India asked facebook(whatsapp is own by facebook) a detailed report on this.

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