Gender Social Norms Index Report 2020

Gender incongruity is a determined form of inequality in every part of the globe. Even though there is remarkable progress of a few countries in some area, no country across the world – rich or poor – has achieved gender equality. In most of the countries, women and girls are discriminated in the sector of health, education, economic and political participation and in the labour market with negative consequences for their freedoms.

The Global Gender Gap was 1st introduced by the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM in 2006 as a framework for capturing the gender based disparities and tracking their progress over time. The report was released by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), in an attempt to tackle gender norms which eventually are a broad contributor to gender inequalities.

Year 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (Beijing+25), which is the most visionary agenda on women’s empowerment till date.

Parameters of the report :

  • Economic participation and opportunity (Opportunity women are getting to achieve their goals and their participation in job sector including labor work and table-chair participation)
  • Educational Attachment (% of women getting right to educate themselves)
  • Health and Survival (Health facilities they are receiving and their survival rates)
  • Political Empowerment (No. of women politicians, highest power a woman has achieved being a politician)

Total of 153 countries were ranked under this index to gives us a snapshot of the different outcomes for men and women in relation to basic rights like Economic participation, their education, health, survival rate etc. to get the complete overview about women’s situation in all the basic parameters by which we can analyze the area were women are ahead or lagging behind  across the world.


Gender Bias Worldwide
Gender Bias Worldwide

After gone through complete report of Gender Norm Index 2020 we observed that in Health & Survival rate and in attaining education the graph is too impressive where it achieved around 96-98% . At the same time in the field of economic participation and opportunity the graphs shows just 58%  as women represent only 21 percent of the world’s employersand 12 percent of the top billionaires and in political empowerment the scenario is very poor as i.e. around 25% which means there are only 10 women in such positions among 193 countries.

Top in the listCountries which made progressCountries which Degressed
FinlandUnites StatesIndia

As per the World Economic Forum Gender Norm Index, Iceland continued to remain in the world’s most gender-neutral country, while Yemen was ranked the last at 153rd place also Iraq and Pakistan remained in bottom three of the ladder.

India ranked 112th in the list and with India slipped 4 places down in the index and with this India is now ranked in the bottom-five in term of women’s health survival and economic participation. From 2006 India’s position notched down by 14 steps in this index which also shows that it ranked lower than many of its neighbouring countries, Bangladesh (50th), Indonesia (85th), China (106th), Nepal (101st), Sri Lanka (102nd) and Brazil (92nd).We can also conclude that it is a long term systematic failure as women participation in all aspects is deteriorating  with time to time. On a positive note, the economic gender gap in India has significantly widened since 2006. India is the only country among the 153 countries where the economic gender gap is larger than the political one. India’s rank in political participation is better because the country was headed by a woman as PM for as long as 14 years and also by a president for 5 years.

Commenting on the survey report, the Founder and Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab said, “Supporting gender parity is critical to ensuring strong, cohesive and resilient societies around the world. For business, too, diversity will be an essential element to demonstrate that stakeholder capitalism is the guiding principle.”

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