How to Start UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation from zero level

Candidates who are willing to appear in the Civil Services Exam and confused, they should follow these

Union Public Service Commission
Union Public Service Commission

If your goal is UPSC Civil Services then to clear UPSC Civil Services Examination you should not only work hard but also with a proper strategy. The UPSC CS is the toughest exam in the country requires focused and strategical planning. For UPSC there are Aspirants and Smart Aspirants. UPSC aspirants prepare hard for Civil Services Exam, they read lots of books and collect data from them. But Smart Aspirants prepare lesser books with a proper strategy. There is a narrow gap between smart aspirants and aspirants that is of strategy. The productivity of the former(aspirant) with high input is less than that of later(smart aspirants with strategy) with high low inputs.

About UPSC Civil Services Exam

UPSC conducts Civil Services Exam in 3 stages: preliminary exam (objective in nature), main exam (written exam) and interview (personality test). Every year, Lakhs of candidates apply for the examination out of which only a few able to clear all stages of the examination. Are you looking for the answer that how you can prepare for the examination? Then you should keep some of the given points in your mind.

Keep syllabus and previous year Question Papers: To understand that what UPSC will ask and from where it will ask questions in the examination one should keep the syllabus of the examination with them and prepare accordingly. Candidates also have to keep previous year Question Papers with them so that they can analyse topic picked in the exam. And also they can understand the examination pattern and ways of UPSC to put questions. Please note that UPSC only asks from its syllabus itself.

Make your own strategy

The strategy is a very crucial and important part of the preparation. One should plan first how s/he is going to complete her/his syllabus with enough time to revise. Once strategy defined just stick to it strictly no matter who asks you to alter it. Don’t prepare in a blind manner i.e. without any target of subject completion. Your target may alter 1 or 2 days but keep on it.

Study material

This is the toughest part of the preparation. What to study what to not? One should need guidelines here, for all subjects including candidate’s optional subject. UPSC preparation is prelims cums mains oriented so you’ve to prepare for the written exam along with prelims. To clear all concept one should study NCERT. Check this link of selected NCERT for Civil Services Exam preparation.

Concept Clarity

Clear your concept instead of rigorous studies. Study like advance students. What does it mean? It means read-only what UPSC asks, do not collect junk in your memory, understand the nerve of the exams and adjust to it accordingly. Read material that is important for the exam and understand the facts so that you can make your answer more valuable.

Current affairs

Keep yourself aware of various govt schemes, environment updates, political updates, economic news, current affairs and contemporary issues that will be helpful in answering dynamic questions and add more value to your answer. Read any national newspaper, like The Hindu, Indian Express, for Hindi medium Jansatta or Dainik Jagran, (Jansatta is Hindi version of Indian Express). Read current affairs monthly magazine. I personally recommend you to read Vision IAS magazine. For prelims read PT 365 and for mains read Mains 365.

Understand Exam Pattern and prepare accordingly: You must go through previous year question papers of UPSC CS Exam. This will help you in understanding the type of questions asked previously by the commission so that you can evaluate yourself and also can pick the best study material for preparation. Analysis of the previous year’s question paper will also help you in understanding your weak and strong areas. Practice answer writing on a daily basis.

Resource List

Collect all data of static study material from books and also dynamic data from current affairs and newspapers. You must be cognitive enough to process data and use it in a smart way while answer writing so that it can give you an edge over other aspirants. Keep yourself updated of current affairs, You can also go with The Hindu Analysis to understand current affairs.

We’ll soon provide you a list of books according to parts of the paper.

Keep in mind about keywords used: Try to make encrypted short notes(notes that you can understand) that are easy to decrypt in the later stages and also keep your mind on keywords like “How to”, “analyse”, “elaborate”, “what is”, “how to effect” and so on.

Health is wealth: This should you keep in mind that a healthy body can think wisely and healthy. If you’re not healthy then it’s tough for you to prepare for the exam. Regular exercise like running, gym, etc keeps you healthy.

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