First World Happiness Report 2020

First World Happiness Report 2020 released. India Rank 144 out of 156.

World Happiness Report 2020
World Happiness Report 2020

The sustainable development solutions network of United Nations releases World Happiness report on 20th March of every year as the UN celebrates World Happiness Day on this day.

This report is also known as Bhutanese resolution as the Bhutan government believes that the happiness of the society should be measured not only by its material indicators but also by the health, education and the contentedness of its population. The idea of gross national happiness was 1st given by Bhutan’s previous monarch, the 4th king – Jigme Singye Wangchuck. This is the result that Bhutan from many years considers Gross National Happiness as a marker of success rather Gross Domestic Product. World Happiness Report is an outcome of the 2011 UN resolution which urged the members to give more importance happiness and well-being in determining the factors of social and economic development.

The theme of World Happiness Day.

The theme of 2020 is ‘Happiness for all’.

Why this report is necessary?

Happiness Index is a philosophy of development and is used to measure the collective happiness in a nation. As happiness is a necessary element in a person’s life because everything we possess that is not necessary for life or happiness becomes a burden. The fundamental reason for happiness is that it’s extremely vital to one’s own goals in life and can help achieve many other cherished personal ambitions and goals. We all have gone through the proposition that money cannot buy happiness then why can’t we think about it.

About the 2020 Report:

The report from Gallup World Poll which ranks 156 countries by how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be, Basically considers few questions form both urban and rural areas based on their deciding variables of happiness to around 2,000 – 3,000 individuals of a particular country which is an average estimate at the national level.

For the first time in history World Happiness Report, 2020 have also included cities under this report by their subjective well-being to focus on the role of the social, urban and natural environment on an individual’s happiness.

Variables on which happiness report focuses:

  • Income in terms of GDP per capita
  • Healthy life expectancy at birth
  • Social support (If you are in some depressing situation then do you think you have your friends or relatives to give you any kind of moral support)
  • Freedom to make life choices (Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your freedom to make your life decisions.)
  • Generosity (Do you think charity is good for man-kind)
  • Perceptions of corruption

Report results:

Happiest Countries of the world: Finland, Denmark and Switzerland

Least happy countries of the world: Afghanistan, South Sudan and Zimbabwe

(India’s rank – 144th out of 156 Nations)

Our Neighbourhood

  • China – 94th     
  • Pakistan – 66th  
  • Bangladesh – 107th                              
  • Sri Lanka – 130th
  • The Maldives – 87th

BRICS countries:

  • Brazil – 32nd
  • Russia – 73rd
  • South Africa – 109th

It crushes the pride of the nation and its citizens to find themselves ranked in the least happy countries. After analysing the report we can see that India is the least happy country among the neighbours and BRICS nation which is really a matter of concern. From last few years India’s rank is declining from time to time (2018 – 133rd, 2019 – 140th) hence it shows that India is the new entreat at the bottom 10 countries in the index.

From all the previous reports from UN sustainable Development solutions network, we can conclude that India is among the 20 largest losers as we have loosened our points in all the 6 variables which are responsible for a nation’s happiness index.

Ranking in cities :

  • Helsinki (Finland) 1st
  • Kabul (Afghanistan) Bottom of the list
  • Delhi (India) 180th (Bottom 10)

For cities, the UN has considered the life evaluation on how positively the inhabitants of the cities currently evaluate their lives on an average. According to the report the cities in bottom 10 and the countries are experiencing low economic development levels also these cities are located in the countries where there is high political instabilities strained security systems and reoccurring periodic armed conflicts.

Can we improve this index?

India can improve this rank as we are the traditional repository of the values of especially social support and generosity. Generations of people across the globe have been coming to India to find true happiness. What actually needed is an effective mechanism that can deliver the skill of happiness to its masses. In short, different kind of skill development.

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